Mr. Trump

Humans, like every other animal, have developed a series of habits to manage the ever growing barrage of stimuli in today's society.

If you've read The Power of HabitPredictably IrrationalInfluence, you'll know the extent to which we are easily manipulated.

Trump leveraged every manipulation playbook (one of which he wrote) to become the President of the United States and it payed off. By drowning outrage with even greater outrage he slowly tipped the scales by which the world measures politicians.

Since the beginning of his campaign, Donald Trump has continually asserted that the system was broken, but he didn't understand the system. That's not to say the system isn't broken, it's just broken in ways that he doesn't understand how to fix.

Whether a result of nature or nurture we cannot know, but it's undeniable that Trump is a narcissist and megalomaniac. He's had his 70 years to establish habits around the acquisition of control and the assertion of power... it'd be unwise to fight them.

Let's use his own manipulation tactics against him.

By parodying his signature "Your Fired!" catchphrase from The Apprentice, this t-shirt design makes fun of Trump. The sitting President of the United States has repeatedly told us who he is as an individual and he will perceive this as an attack, one which he will defend by acquiring control (lawsuits) and asserting power (executive orders that make him feel strong when 70% of American's think he's incompetent). So...


Instead, let's take a page from the ancient art of Judo which teaches the strength not of muscle, but rather of four principals: Gravity, Momentum, Leverage, and Inertia.

Share this privately with friends to get them on our team. Let's treat him like a puppy in training and ignore the negative behaviors, but compliment the positive. Find even the smallest of positives and play to his ego. If we make him feel powerful, he won't need to fight for power in other (more destructive) ways.

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